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Portable, Stackable Credentials: A New Education Model for Industry-Specific Career Pathways
The paper, released by the McGraw-Hill Research Foundation in November 2012, examines some of the new models being invented by innovators in education, business, and the government. It also inclides a call to action for educational institutions, employers, and policymakers to come together to build on these beginnings and design a system of portable, stackable credentials embedded in transparent, more easily navigable career pathways.
The Competition that Really Matters: Comparing U.S., Chinese, and Indian Investments in the Next-Generation Workforce
This report, released by the Center for American Progress on , discusses the current workforce environment in the U.S., India, and China. More specifically, it focuses on identifying best practices in education and youth/workforce development.
Workforce Investment Act Waiver Policies and Decisions for PY 2009 and 2010
Provides clarification from the Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration on waiver policies related to the Workforce Investment Act for Program Years (PY) 2009 and 2010.
Mathematica Evaluation of WIA Waivers
WIA allows states to apply for waivers of WIA regulations, providing greater flexibility in serving the specific needs of local populations. This report describes the reasons for a selected 20 waiver requests and the implementation of waivers at the state and local level, and explores how waiver implementation may have affected the workforce system and the services delivered. Released on August 3, 2012.
WIA Youth Program Guidance for PY2012
This Training and Employment Guidance Letter from the Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration, released on August 1, 2012, provides guidance for youth-funded activities in Program Year (PY) 2012. In particular, this letter focuses on the following two program elements: (1) providing adequate support in completing learning and employment goals and (2) developing the potential of youth as citizens and leaders.
Report on Federal Job Training Programs in Oklahoma
Released by Senator Coburn (R-OK) in July 2012 and titled "What Works (andWhat Doesn't): The Good, Bad and Ugly of Federal Job Training in Oklahoma," this report emphasizes duplication of services and ineffectiveness within the workforce development system.
Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Handout June 2012 - Youth Advocacy Guide
This handout focuses on the youth services component of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Also provides guiding questions to prompt youth and young adults to critically think about workforce development programming for the purpose of advocacy.
Legislative Update- Changes Made to Workforce Investment Improvement Act of 2012
In a June 7th markup session, the U.S. House of Representatives Education and the Workforce Committe must substantive changes to the Workforce Investment Improvement Act of 2012 (H.R. 4297), which reauthorizes the Workforce Investment Act.
Sign-On Letter for House WIA Bill (HR 4297)
Sign-On Letter for Campaign for Youth that addresses a U.S. House reauthorization bill for the Workforce Investment Act (H.R. 4297).
2012 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Reauthorization: Side-By-Side
Side-by-side comparison of current law and two proposed plans within the U.S. House of Representatives for reauthorizing the Workforce Investment Act. (May 14, 2012)
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