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President's Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2014
Released by the President on April 10, 2013, this outlines the Administration's priorities in Fiscal Year 2014 (begins October 2013 and runs through September 2014).
Update on Job Training as Cross-Agency Priority Goal
This report by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) provides an update on Job Training as it was idenitified as a Corss Agency Priority Goal for the federal Fiscal Year 2013 (October 2012-September 2013). This is the first quarterly update provided by OMB.
Youth Practitioner's Resource Guide to Supportive Services
This Training and Employment Notice, issued by the Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration on April 12, 2013, announces a new guide to supportive services for youth.
Costs and Benefits of Using Tests that Help Students Learn
This report, released by the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education, provides data on what staets and districts currently spend on tests; examines the failings of current multiple-choice tests; and analyzes the sots and opportunities of creating, implementing, and scoring assessments that ensure students are equipped with 21st century competencies.
Sequestration's Impact on ESEA Title I Allocations
This table (prodiced by the Department of Education) includes the estimated impact of the sequestration of approximately 5% of federal funds for Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This table includes the largest 100 school precincts.
Report on Integrating Common Core and Teacher Effectiveness
This report, released by the Council of Chief State SChool Officers and the Aspen Institute in March 2013, provides ten orgnaization and functional recommendations to ehlp state departments succeed in carrying out the new responsibilities necessary to see long-term imporvements in teacher and student outcomes (via implementing Common Core State Standards and teacher effectiveness standards).
FY 2014 Budget Proposal Table
This table lists budgetary allocations in Fiscal Year 2013 and 2014 budget proposals that were produced in the House of Representatives and the Senate. More specifically, it targets the funding levels for Education, Training, Employment, and Social Services Programming (Function 500 within the budgets).
Advisory Regarding Updated WIA Youth and Adult Data for PY 2013
This notice advises states that economically disadvantaged youth and adult data for use in the WIA Youth and Adult within-state allocation formulas are available on the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) website and that states should use this data in PY 2013 and future within-state allocation formulas.
DOL Notice on Calculating WIA Allotments in FY 2013
This Training and Employment Notice, issued by the Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration on March 20, 2013, is meant to assist states in annual budget planning because of the lack oFy 2013 full year appropriations. It provides advance notice of potnential impacts of applying current deemographic and employment data on WIA allotment formulas.
Announcement for Guide to Online Tools for High School Students
This is an announcement of the release and availability of the "What's My Next Move?" guide to exploring careers online suing electronic tools from the U.S. Department of Labor. The guide was developed to support high school students in developing their education and career plans.
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