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Update on Job Training as Cross-Agency Priority Goal
This report by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) provides an update on Job Training as it was idenitified as a Corss Agency Priority Goal for the federal Fiscal Year 2013 (October 2012-September 2013). This is the first quarterly update provided by OMB.
DOL Notice on Calculating WIA Allotments in FY 2013
This Training and Employment Notice, issued by the Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration on March 20, 2013, is meant to assist states in annual budget planning because of the lack oFy 2013 full year appropriations. It provides advance notice of potnential impacts of applying current deemographic and employment data on WIA allotment formulas.
State Sector Strategies Coming of Age: Implications for State Workforce Policymakers

The report describes current sector strategies, discusses their difference from traditional workforce and economic development programs, and describes actions that state administrators and policymakers can take to create strategies and implement them effectively. These strategies are among a small number of workforce interventions with statistical evidence showing improvements for workers in employment opportunities and in wage increases.

Evaluation of Wworkforce Investment Act Waivers Final Report
This is the final report from an evaluation, conducted by Mathematica Policy Research, on a selection of specific waivers from some requirements asscoaited with the Workforce Investment Act. Drawing from the two interim reports and additional analysis, this final report summarizes the findings from all phases of data collection under the study. Some of the observations in the final report include lessons learned from the waiver implementation process such as the need to streamline the waiver request process and waiver-related paperwork requirements and the need to share information and guidance on waivers and their potential uses as well as the benefits of approving waivers for longer periods of time.
Work-Based Learning Exemplars
This report, released by the National Academy Foundation in January 2013, focuses on internships that NAF, a ??network of career-themed academies that open doors for underserved high school students to viable careers,? studied to identify best practices in work-based learning.
Evaluation of Waivers Granted Under WIA: Profiles of 12 Sites in Final Interim Report
This second interim report, released by Mathematica Policy Research in January 2013, provides findings primarily from the second phase of data collection for this study. The report focuses on profiles of the 12 local areas visited and provides descriptive information about waiver use in those local areas.  The profiles combine data collected from state officials about the waiver application and implementation process with information collected on site during discussions with local area staff, employers, and training providers.
December 2012 Youth Unemployment Report
This report summarizes data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' "Employment Situation - December 2012" by focusing on the informantion relevant to youth and young adult populations.
Beyond the Numbers: Data Use for Continuous Improvement of Programs Serving Disoconnected Youth
This report, released by the American Youth Policy forum in December 2012, uses in-depth case studies to examine how three programs which serve disconnected youth are utilizing data as a tool for continuous program improvement and ongoing accountability.
Portable, Stackable Credentials: A New Education Model for Industry-Specific Career Pathways
The paper, released by the McGraw-Hill Research Foundation in November 2012, examines some of the new models being invented by innovators in education, business, and the government. It also inclides a call to action for educational institutions, employers, and policymakers to come together to build on these beginnings and design a system of portable, stackable credentials embedded in transparent, more easily navigable career pathways.
A Talent Development Solution: Exploring Business Drivers and Returns in Learn and Earn Partnerships
This report, released by Corporate Voices for Working Families in September 2012, identifies practices, chracteristics, and returns of innovative, business-led partnerships between employers and education providers. It presents a comprehensive overview of this emerging "Learn and Earn" field - an approach to the connections between employers and education providers that builds the talent pools employers need and offers employees the opportunity to gain tangible skills and earn a postsecondary degree/credential, and a path to a brighter future.
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